Beard Flex- Backwoods

Beard Flex- Backwoods

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Our Beard Flex Original beard oil has been researched for months and made with the most natural blend of oils we could find.  It will quickly become one of the best beard oils on the market. Beard Flex is designed to help keep your beard conditioned and shiny giving it the nutrients and moisture your hair needs. It's strong but lightweight, so your beard won't feel oily or weighed down.

This beard oil is enriched with Hemp Seed Oil and Vitamin E to give your beard the boost it needs. Beard Flex isn't just for beards, it’s also great on your cuticles, dry skin on your elbows and hands, or anywhere you need an extra boost.

Comes in a 1 oz bottle in the Following scents 

Backwoods- The woodsman's choice with notes from cedar wood, sandalwood, pine, fir, and tea tree. This earthy scent will release your inner lumber jack!

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